Hill+Knowlton Strategies Network

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has 87 offices in 49 Countries, as well as an extensive network of associate firms.

We pride ourselves on being the most transnational of all international communications agencies. And that’s not just because of our geographic reach: it’s because of our willingness to work collaboratively across time zones, languages and cultures to deliver client success.

At H+K Strategies, we’re a network, not a patchwork, and that’s why we can deliver cross-border programmes in an effective and cost-efficient way.

The role of the Belgian office in the Hill+Knowlton Strategies Network

The Belgian office is an integral part of the Hill+Knowlton Strategies family, and we often collaborate with H+K Strategies offices around the world in order to maximise the service and expertise we provide our clients.

The Belgian office also spearheads many of Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ pan-European projects, and our office serves as the hub for coordinating H+K Strategies’s work across Africa.