19 September 2014

Joost Vantomme to speak at World Postal Business Forum

Joost Vantomme will be speaking at the World Postal Business Forum in Copenhagen on 23 September in the afternoon session on regulatory innovation. The Forum is held in the framework of the PostExpo 2014 cycle and gathers world industry leaders in the area of the postal, express and e-commerce value chain.
A longstanding experience in regulated industries such as electronic communications, postal and e-commerce enables Joost to express some critical views on the subject “does regulation hinder innovation”. He will explore new policy and regulatory avenues in the light of business evolutions and the new composition and approach of the European Commission. 

Joost's slides can be found here.

Link : http://www.postexpo.com/conf_overview_2.php?n=conf (session day 1 at 16.10)

Related contacts :

Joost Vantomme
Senior Advisor Public Affairs

email: joost.vantomme@hkstrategies.com