8 March 2013

Restructuring by multinational companies in Europe

Five rules to bear in mind

Restructuring a company that is part of a multinational entity demands an integrated legal and communications approach, both internally and externally, at international and at local level.
Restructuring by multinational companies in Europe
The way in which senior management handles the process and the messages it sends to the workforce, investors, stakeholders and the public, should be both coordinated and consistent. How companies behave and communicate during a restructuring period determines their lasting reputation afterwards. This article offers some suggestions on how to cope with the most delicate communications exercise, navigating between the cliffs of social unrest, reputational damage, management failure and political backlash. It defines Five rules to guide leaders:
  1. Abide by the law
  2. Understand local traditions
  3. Describe in a consistent way the economic rationale of the decision
  4. Do not neglect external stakeholders when communicating
  5. Preserve your reputation
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