13 February 2014

The changing nature of public affairs: How to engage stakeholders in the digital space

How is the digital media revolution changing the world of public affairs?
The growing influence of digital media is changing the way we communicate making people more interconnected than ever.  Consumers, industry, policymakers and NGOs are constantly interacting. As the public becomes increasingly engaged in issues debated in political and business circles, Brussels is a stage where this coming-together is becoming more and more visible.  Once distant, EU policymakers are increasingly sensitive to public opinion.
The growing influence of digital media offers opportunities as well as new challenges for effective public affairs and corporate communications; more than ever we must seek opportunities to engage with these audiences - and often faster than we have been used to. 
While some organisations and institutions have started to embrace this change and are actively seeking opportunities to leverage these new channels to communicate their messages, many are still in a reactive mode and are still wondering how to step in to this “brave new world” without risking too much. How can public affairs and digital communications go together? How can Brussels players engage with stakeholders online?
On 11 February, 2014 our colleagues Giovanni Colombo and Lorraine Baldwin presented a case study on digital stakeholder engagement at EurActiv’s Yellow Academy. If you want to know more do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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