13 March 2014

European dark honey bees are disappearing: H+K helps to protect them

Since mid-January 2014, Hill + Knowlton Strategies in Brussels is working pro bono for the Belgian non-profit organisation Mellifica. Mellifica members are beekeepers raising European dark honey bees. The organisation offers them the tools and services necessary for their work and the conservation of this local honey bee breed.
European dark honey bees are disappearing: H+K helps to protect them
Founded by a small group of passionate beekeepers in the Chimay region, the association also has members from France, Germany and the Netherlands. All together they represent 250 beekeepers around Europe. This organisation aims to protect, improve and promote the European dark honey bee, Apis mellifera mellifera, as well as develop beekeeping and involve consumers in this project.

H+K strategies is helping Mellifica to identify a proper label for their dark honey bees’ honey. We are doing a comparative analysis of the labels: public ones – such as the European or Belgian regional ones – or private ones such as the Slow Food presidia.

With this label to be chosen, Mellifica would like to raise awareness about the disappearing dark honey bee among consumers. In addition, Mellifica wants to make its beekeepers proud of raising Belgian dark honey bees and therefore motivate even more persons to raise this endangered breed. H+K will also collaborate with Mellifica for the setting up of the label.

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