14 June 2013

Lunch Roundtable: The Draft Network Information Security Directive

​Hill+Knowlton Strategies are holding a lunch Roundtable on 25th June 2013, focusing on the European Commission’s proposal for a Network Information Security Directive.
We will be joined by Andreas Schwab MEP (European Parliament Rapporteur on the Directive and EPP Coordinator of the Internal Market Committee), as well as a representative from the European Commission.
This Directive is important to businesses since they may be required to amend their existing operating practices in order to reconcile the need for security with confidentiality, as well as face potentially significant fines if they fail to comply with the new legislation. In addition to ICT businesses, this proposal will affect players in the energy, transport, finance and healthcare sectors too.
For more information, please contact us by email (Wim.Vanderputte@hkstrategies.com ) or phone (+32 2 737 95 00).