Yannick Blervacq

Yannick Blervacq

Junior Account Executive
Following the completion of his master’s studies, Yannick joined Hill+Knowlton Strategies Brussels in October 2016. As a Junior Account Executive he is part of H+K’s PR team and is currently working on clients such as Huawei, Lions Club, Ontex, Beobank and InvestEU.

In February 2016, Yannick joined the PR team at H+K Brussels and worked on clients such as VISA, NetApp and All Nippon Airways. Previously he completed a research internship at the Training Institute of the Belgian Federal Government (OFO/IFA) between December 2015 and May 2016. At the Training Institute he analysed a writing training programme for employees of the Federal Public Service Economy and mapped the development and assessment of writing products. Finally he was a college rowing Crew Captain throughout his bachelor’s degree and counselled low-performing freshmen and sophomores as a Language Monitor throughout his master’s degree.

Yannick holds a BA in Education from the University-College PXL and a MA in Multilingual Communications from the KU Leuven campus in Brussels.

He speaks Dutch and English fluently and has a working proficiency in French.

email: Yannick.Blervacq@hkstrategies.com