Financial Services

We work in all areas of the financial services sector to help you impact the discussion.
Financial Services
As the fallout from the global financial crisis continues, Europe’s financial services sector is under intense and continuing scrutiny. The industry is facing new rounds of stringent regulations, all of which have the potential to significantly impact business’ bottom lines.

In this current climate, public perception is a powerful driver of regulatory activity—and vice versa. Misunderstandings on either side of this fence can be hugely damaging to the reputations and interests of all involved.

At H+K we tackle this challenge with a combination of a strong understanding of EU and national regulatory bodies and a sophisticated knowledge of the financial issues and topics that drive the Brussels and pan-European news cycles. Our dedicated financial services team leverages these skills to help you communicate your point of view in a way that improves, rather than undermines, your audience’s understanding.

Our team works in all areas of the financial services sector, including wholesale banking, retail banking, insurance, fund management and financial technology.

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