Intellectual Property Rights

In today’s knowledge-driven society, ideas, creations and inventions matter more than ever.
Intellectual Property Rights
At Hill+Knowlton Strategies we believe that in today’s knowledge society, ideas, creations and inventions matter more than ever. 

Copyright, patents, trademarks and know-how are all important parts of growth strategies for both businesses and society at large. They contribute to advancing our level of knowledge and ensuring competitiveness and investment in future innovation.
Yet as intellectual property becomes higher on the public policy agenda, there is an increasing need for companies to be able to clearly communicate its value to the wider public and civil society organisations. 
Hill+Knowlton Strategies has extensive experience in both copyright and industrial property rights (patents, trademarks and know-how). We combine an in-depth understanding of both legislative and policy issues with a clear picture of the wider public stakeholder environment.
In providing targeted expertise on both public affairs and communications we are able to tailor strategies within the context of an increasingly challenging and misunderstood IPR environment.

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