H+K Strategies has a strong experience in assisting European and third country actors - from both the private and public sector - on a range of trade related issues.
The European Union is the world’s largest trading bloc, and trade is one of the longest standing and most developed common European policies. This makes Brussels a global centre for the establishment of rules around the import and export of goods and services. Decisions taken in the EU capital can significantly impact a company’s ability to market its products or a government’s potential to develop a sector of its economy. Since the 2007 Lisbon Treaty, the EU not only has the sole competence for the external trade policy, but with the same treaty the European Parliament has become much important. Its International Trade Committee now plays an active role in shaping the policy agenda.
Some of our trade-related experience includes issues on bilateral trade agreements, anti-dumping and anti-subsidy, reform of preferential agreements, rules of origin, agricultural commodity reforms and customs. In addition to a solid legal strategy, we can ensure that you get your political messages across to all key decision makers. But this is no longer sufficient. The European public has become very strongly engaged and EU policy makers are more sensitive than ever to their arguments.
It’s here that our experienced team of specialised trade and communications advisors comes in and helps you to reach out to your target audiences, in Brussels as well as at the national level. We ensure that you are able to tell your story to those that matter and that your story results in the outcomes you seek.

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