Our transport team has first-hand experience working in the EU institutions and the transport industry, and we use this experience to put our clients on the path to success.
The recent economic downturn and the need to decarbonise have left the transport industry at a critical crossroads. There is a fine balance between the need for people and goods to be able to move quickly, freely and affordably and the need for sustainability, safety and competitiveness.
We are here to help you navigate the network of policies, people and regulations influencing the EU transport sector and to share your organisation’s point of view with the most critical audiences.
With the public – transport users – more engaged than ever in public debate, policy-makers are more sensitive to public opinion. You must ensure that they understand your concerns and arguments, and what they mean for them.
The transport sector is inherently connected to a variety of other sectors, and our transport team regularly collaborates with other practice groups to stay up to speed on all the issues of the day. Together, our teams provide clients with insights on the details of the transport industry as well as the bird’s eye view of the entire Brussels policy and media scenes. 

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Alain Berger
Executive Strategy Director