International Media Relations

With over 40 years of experience in the Brussels market, H+K Belgium knows how to communicate your message to the key journalists and media outlets in Brussels and beyond.
International Media Relations
Did you know that the Brussels Press Corps is one of the largest and most influential groups of journalists in the world? And the news they deliver is not just for Brussels bureaucrats. Stories originating from Brussels reverberate on the pan-European and national levels, so whether you’re trying to communicate with Brussels insiders or the national decision makers in your home market, the Brussels and international press corps can act as an important megaphone for your messages.

We’ve helped clients share their points of view with top-tier publications; secured feature stories in print, TV and radio; and supported public affairs campaigns with complementary media relations.

We can help you turn the story you want to tell into a story the media want to tell.

You already have the messages; we’ll help you find the megaphone.