International Stakeholder Relations

If you’re looking to develop and improve your stakeholder relations, H+K Belgium can help you find your way.
International Stakeholder Relations
Individual organisations don’t have to operate individually. Even the biggest and most well-known businesses, associations and trade groups sometimes need external support to get from Point A to Point B. Tapping into the resources and contacts of like-minded groups around you will help your organisation stay on the right track.

However, with so many associations and interest groups operating at the national, EU and international levels, navigating the stakeholder landscape can be a daunting task. At H+K, we can help you map out the most relevant stakeholder groups and individuals, along with their priorities and activities.

We can also provide advice and training on how to build relationships with stakeholders and then to leverage those relationships into concrete returns—from policy developments to new business opportunities.
Brendan Hodgson
Executive Strategy Director and Head of Digital Practice