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H+K Strategies shares insights as EBS Knowledge Partner 2015
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H+K Strategies shares insights as EBS Knowledge Partner 2015
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An analysis of the evolving role of digital technology on crisis communications
The 415 Billion Euro Question
How to put content at the heart of your strategy

Media month of madness: #Europolitics closes, #FT sold to #Nikkei and now #Mlex bought by #LexisNexis

#UK referendum plans on #EU membership a "recipe for confusion", according to #HouseOfLords @UKHouseofLords

RT @HK_EMEA: How the #junckerplan will affect patient access to medicines in the EU @HKBelgium

Think you know #EU #languages quite well? Try out the #EuropeanParliament's summer game - but no cheating!

#ECJ declares the request for #EU judges to review the #UEFA financial fair play as inadmissible @EUCourtPress @UEFA

@Chimiel : greetings returned! Are you done #climbing ? Which is your next #everest ?

My country in a bubble: compare EU countries by their #EUtrade #EUenvironment #EUenergy & other stats @EU_Eurostat

The cost of inaction: #climatechange can "render significant proportions of the economy uninsurable” @TheEIU

Second independence referendum 'inevitable' because of #devolution #brexit #austerity #scotland #UK @AlexSalmond @BBC

#Varoufakis' plan B for #Greece: setting up a parallel banking system and bringing back the drachma @POLITICOEurope

#UK #EU membership - Lord Kerr advice to Cameron: propose reforms that benefits the EU, not just the UK! @CER_London

Only 10% of #CEOs of the world's 50 largest companies regularly tweet. Some are good. Some make #twitter clangers:

#EU Regulator thumbs up to first ever #malaria #vaccine @EMA_News

"Keep calm and build the Energy Union": @MarosSefcovic reports on discussions with the #UK on the #EnergyUnion #EU

Mystery buyer revealed: Japanese media group Nikkei acquiring #FinancialTimes for £844m @nikkei @POLITICOEurope

Rise of the far-right: #LePen’s group “united but fragile” #EU #EP @Europarl_EN @viEUws

Pearson confirms it is “advanced discussions” over the sale of the #FinancialTimes @FT @guardian

Interesting read on "How to Improve Your Business Writing" @HarvardBiz

#EU readies #Investment Plan for take-off this autumn! More info: #EFSI video and Q&A

When do you think the best days and times are to post on #Facebook #Twitter #LinkedIn etc.?


Thomas Tindemans features on Flemish TV show - Terzake

13 July 2015
Terzake is a daily news programme, on the Flemish public TV station, Canvas which focuses on current international and local affairs. Sunday’s programme  was dedicated to Greece where Thomas Tindemans provided his perspective on the different options for a Grexit.
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H+K Strategies COO newest member of the AmCham EU Board

9 June 2015
Melanie Faithfull Kent, Chief Operating Officer of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, has been confirmed as the Chair of the Communications and Marketing Group and the newest member of the AmCham EU Board.
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