Observations about the new Commission
by Thomas Tindemans, CEO Hill+Knowlton Strategies Brussels
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by Thomas Tindemans, CEO Hill+Knowlton Strategies Brussels
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Will changing the crew at the helm of the EU change its political course?
Essential knowledge for every expat residing in Belgium about Belgian politics and the potential impact of the elections on 25 May 2014
The misappropriation of undisclosed know-how and business information is a very serious problem for companies in the EU and the Commission wants to do something about it.

315bn investment package to be discussed by EU leaders today at @EU_Council

Watch green MEP Julia Reda discussing Juncker's investment package @Vieuws http://t.co/DrbyDfmPVy

All Brussels eyes are directed at @EU_Commission poised to publish its 2015 work prgramme

Insightful read on Politico's strategy to overtake Brussels @WSJ http://t.co/VN3Nb8awB9

Is Twitter the most important archive that has ever existed? #Data deal between @IBM and @twitter http://t.co/zlhVZiihVZ

Five powerful trends in ethical consumerism = increasing focus on reputation management: http://t.co/CiO5yOuwTZ

Big changes in #Brussels #media - @Politico to acquire @EuropeanVoiceEV http://t.co/NSV1dadfDd

No company is an island. A systematic approach to engaging with stakeholders:http://t.co/zI07iUGXBf

#EU to step up engagement in #Turkey @EU_EEAS @FedericaMog http://t.co/YBYxpG0p7G

Happy Birthday to President Juncker ! @JunckerEU

Automation, jobs, and the future of work - Interesting @McKinsey discussion http://t.co/jsDdD5Ep4l

#Health at a glance #Europe 2014: deep health inequalities persist across the #EU @OECD @EU_Health http://t.co/BtDmlBZ8Y8

Can’t wait for @HouseofCards return on 27th Feb 2015

Check out our @HK_London analysis on Chancellor @George_Osborne Autumn Statement of http://t.co/ApvhIQ0o3f

"A #Bruxelles, tu tweetes ou tu meurs" via @lemonde http://t.co/b2JDnCz3kc

How the world could better fight #obesity? Inspiring analysis by @McKinsey http://t.co/PwA2BH9TrQ

What do journalists think of #PR professionals? Interesting #survey from @DWPub http://t.co/zMU1pCRgkN

.@Eucopresident Donald Tusk & President @BarackObama first call to talk about #TTIP #Ukraine & #global #economy http://t.co/DvAz9K1NPk

- Could #EU have underestimated #greenhouse gas emissions savings offered by #biofuels by up to 50%? http://t.co/XPEFdbMTta

Welcome Donald Tusk, new European Council President http://t.co/PYexeqWGML @eucopresident @EUCouncil


Corneel Maes joins Hill+Knowlton Strategies to elevate its integrated offering

27 November 2014
Hill+Knowlton Strategies is pleased to announce that Corneel Maes joined its Brussels office as Executive Strategy Director, Corporate Affairs on November 3rd. This move fits with the consultancy’s aim to supplement its extensive expertise with a focus on significant strategic initiatives. Cor(...)
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H+K Gold Sponsor of CEPS Ideas Lab - video

17 April 2014
Hill+Knowlton Strategies was Gold Sponsor of the CEPS Ideas Lab 2014. The event took place on 3-4 April 2014, asking the question 'Does Europe Matter?'
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With just two years remaining to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), focus is now shifting towards the post-2015 agenda and their successor - the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Successful H+K Cercle Montoyer policy roundtable on financial services