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H+K Strategies shares insights as EBS Knowledge Partner 2015
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H+K Strategies shares insights as EBS Knowledge Partner 2015
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An analysis of the evolving role of digital technology on crisis communications
The 415 Billion Euro Question
How to put content at the heart of your strategy

Why Europe does not want to let #Greece go? Bloomberg @business shares perspectives:

How to engage with policy-makers on #Twitter? @PACouncil shares valuable tips:

RT @HK_London: "Only conversations will reveal someone's inner truth." #curiositysessions #HKCannes #CannesLions

Stakeholder relations build durability and superior financials @LEGronntun #ecs2015

RT @brendanhodgson: Science is giving us the tools to identify and capture vulnerable moments where decisions can be influenced #ECS2015 #t…

Get ready for an expert session with Hill+Knowlton’s @LEGronntun on the importance of corporate reputation! #ecs15

Barriers of entry are so low and changing the world we live in #HP #GabiZedimayer #ecs2015

Uber's Gareth Mead discusses the potential of the app economy #uber #ecs2015

Uber's Gareth Mead talking about disruptive innovation at #ecs2015

RT @HK_EMEA: The importance of "what if" questions and "yes and" mindset #ecs15

RT @HK_EMEA: 10x not 10% #ecs15 #commssummit

RT @HK_EMEA: Find out how to design + implement valuable communications strategies for the future. Join us @ #ecs15 Room 204 15:30 http://t…

Listening to Scott Dille #NovoNordisk on reputation management #ecs2015

Bill McAndrews #BMW on corporate communications as a key lever #ecs2015

Google's Frederik Pferdt on creative freedom #ecs2015

61% see importance of media partnerships #communicationsmonitor 2015 #ecs2015

The decline of mass media affects communications practice #ecs2015

Social media has removed the middle man #communications #ecs2015

Main themes are anticipation and disruption #ecs2015 !

.@HKBelgium will be live tweeting from @commssummit today! #ecs15


H+K Strategies COO newest member of the AmCham EU Board

9 June 2015
Melanie Faithfull Kent, Chief Operating Officer of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, has been confirmed as the Chair of the Communications and Marketing Group and the newest member of the AmCham EU Board.
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Hill+Knowlton Strategies renews its role as a Knowledge Partner at this year’s European Business Summit

22 April 2015
Hill+Knowlton Strategies is pleased to announce that once again it will be a Knowledge Partner for this year’s European Business Summit. With the theme of “Delivering a Vision for the Future of Europe”, this year’s summit will focus on how digitalisation is impacting industry(...)
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In Brussels, realising its power MEPs are increasingly turning to Twitter to reach their constituents and other target audiences.
If you think Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising and web analytics only belong to the toolkit of an internet marketer promoting an e-commerce website, think twice.