Mobile health apps are disrupting healthcare in much the same way that the internet previously disrupted the way we consume information, make travel bookings, or shop. This quiet revolution is getting louder as healthcare systems increasingly begin to acknowledge the need to shift from expensive and intensive approaches to preventative investment.
The key for mHealth’s success is that it requires a multitude of stakeholders to buy into it – patients, clinicians, app developers, industry, payers, and the list goes on. The Hill+Knowlton breakfast briefing, held on 11 January 2016, brought together some of these representatives to discuss the industry led Code of Conduct for mHealth apps and its place in the broader framework.
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The speaker representatives were clear that working together – across European Commission Directorates-General, across sectors, across Member States – is critical as the legal basis and guidance for mHealth and its associated sectors is formulated. Examples of the needed cooperation abound, particularly with the anticipated update to the safe harbour agreement between the US and the EU, which will provide principles intended to ensure the compliance of US companies with EU privacy laws and protection of personal data, and the creation of a Working Group on mHealth.
As the work on the Code continues, the European Commission hopes to create clarity through references and best practice examples to successfully set the scene for robust legislation that brings mHealth closer to patients.
For a full report and further details on the discussion and outcomes of the discussion, please contact Jean-Michel Luyckx at [email protected]

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