Earlier this year five Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland) sent a letter requesting that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) set a dietary reference value for sugars and, in particular, added sugars. In 2010 EFSA published an opinion on setting reference values on the total carbohydrates and fiber but did not set a reference value for added sugars, although it was noted that excessive consumption of sugars contributes to weight gain. In their request, the Nordic countries asked whether EFSA’s 2010 opinion can be revised in light of new scientific evidence confirming the efficacy of limiting added sugars intake.
The EFSA’s nutrition panel has already asked the Nordic countries for a more specific mandate. As a result, nutritionists from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark are to meet to agree whether they want the Opinion to focus on added sugars or total sugars, and whether they want it to target a particular section of the population, such as children.
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Authored by: Maria Linkova-Nijs