The energy sector continues to face high levels of uncertainty. With global energy demand set to increase by almost 40% by 2040, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), price volatility and geopolitical instability, policymakers and industry will continue to be challenged to ensure that energy supplies remain secure, sustainable and affordable. With the need to tackle co2 emissions, climate change and finding a long term solution for energy efficiency and renewable energies confronting the entire sector, we take a look at the perspectives of leaders from some of the world’s leading energy companies:

Ben van Beurden, CEO Royal Dutch ShellGlobal energy demand, as we all know, is rising. And will continue to rise. Demand growth will be particularly strong in emerging economies like China and India. As the number of people grows – which we know it will – so will their desire for goods and services. But how much will energy demand increase? According to the International Energy Agency, by almost 40% by 2040. Meeting that demand will be a massive challenge. But so too is the need to respond to climate change.”

Bob Dudley, CEO BP – “As well as meeting the world’s growing need for energy – our own industry also needs to think about how we deliver more energy sustainably. It’s a challenge that won’t get any easier. Global energy demand is still rising – and it will go on doing so.”

Eldar Sætre, CEO Statoil — “The industry is coming under increasing pressure on carbon. It’s extremely important that the industry recognize the issue at hand — the global issue — and not get too defensive. We need to ask as an industry to change the mindset on this and to find solutions. And what can we as an oil and gas company do in terms of operations and emissions and energy efficiency?”

Johannes Teyssen, CEO E.On AG – “We bear responsibility for coming generations. Companies that don’t act responsibly haven’t read the signposts to the future. Cleaner and more reliable energy is neither a luxury nor an illusory vision for us.”

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President & CEO, Schneider Electric – “…. We know that if we want to preserve the climate, we’ve got to divide by two CO2 emissions in the next 40 years. So, multiply by two, in terms of consumption, and divide by two, in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. That means we’ve got to improve the energy intensity of everything we do by a factor of four: For everything we do, we have to consume one-fourth of what we used to consume. That is tremendous. Now, it’s possible because there are new technologies popping up.”

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