Shortly before Christmas the EU launched its most all-encompassing set of new draft laws governing the internet. In this Spotlight episode direct from Brussels, Emma Pike talks to EU competition lawyer Damien Geradin and H+K Strategies Brussels Chairman Thomas Tindemans about the potential impact of the EU’s Digital Markets Act for online businesses – and the next steps for this important draft legislation as it begins its journey through the EU institutions.

If you have missed our Dispatch podcast series Should Robots Have Rights? you can catch up on it here. In this series we discuss how artificial intelligence is revolutionising how we create and invent things – yet the intellectual property (IP) legal framework grants rights only in the output of humans, not machines. Emma speaks to experts from creative industries, academia, law and policy about whether this matters – and whether if might be time for an update to IP law.

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Would you like to know more about the EU’s Digital Markets Act? Take a look at H+K Brussels thought leadership piece on the topic!